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CNGL Internship Programme 2014

Institution: Dublin City University

Project Title: Medical Information Retrieval

Suitable for students who are studying in the following areas:
Suitable for students doing a Master in Computer Science/Computational
Linguistics with interest in
Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

Skills needed:
A strong interest in programming and good programming skills (Java and
Basic knowledge in computational linguistics and information retrieval
is desirable.

Project Description:
Khresmoi ( is a large EU funded project spread
across 12 European universities and companies. The Khresmoi project is
exploring the development of computer systems to help the general public
and medical professionals find medical information in different
languages. For example, the project has developed a Google style
interface which allows members of the general public to enter queries
for medical information in several languages, and which returns a ranked
result list of medical web pages translated into the user's language.
The members of the Khresmoi project are involved in various steps of the
creation of that system, which includes research on information
retrieval, cross-lingual information retrieval, information extraction,
automatic summarization, evaluation, etc.

The Role of the student & benefits gained from participation in this
Information retrieval (IR) is a process which aims to locate, for a
given information need (expressed as a keyword query), relevant content
(documents) from a document archive. In this project, we are focusing on
a specific domain for the information retrieval process: health and
medical textual content.
The aim of this internship is to assist our research team in performing
several information retrieval related tasks. The student will be fully
integrated into our research team and will work for Khresmoi
(, a medical information search project.
The internship will include various information retrieval experiments
(setting up IR systems, evaluating on benchmark collections, managing
relevance judgement marking, etc.). The student will also be involved in
development projects, e.g. adding new functionalities to a web
application for relevance judgements, and automatic summarization tool
This is a practical, hands-on project, suitable for students who are
interested in learning more about information retrieval and evaluation
in experimental research in computing and science in general. As part of
this work the student may be required to contribute to report writing on
the results of the evaluation analysis. The student will work closely
with and have the guidance, help and support of the project organisers
in all activities.
This is a fantastic opportunity for a student to gain first-hand
experience of working within a dynamic research group. These skills will
provide the intern with a competitive advantage in the pursuit of
careers in both research and industry.
Depending on the project outcomes it is also foreseen that the project
will result in a research publication, of which the student would be a

Who will be working with you?
The student will work closely with Dr Lorraine Goeuriot and Dr Liadh
Kelly, researchers in the group. S/he will also be supervised by Dr
Gareth Jones, the team leader of the group.

Other information:
- Funding: from 200 EURO to 300 EURO per week (to be confirmed)
- Duration of Internship: 2 to 3 months (between May and August 2014)

For further details on this project please contact:
Liadh Kelly and Lorraine Goeuriot - (liadh.kelly,

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