Appel: Call for Demos, The First International Workshop on Big Data Discovery and Curation

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Call for Demos: The First International Workshop on Big Data Discovery
and Curation

Traditionally, data warehouses have been used to provide business users
ways to consolidate information from different sources for analysis and
reporting. For getting data ready for analysis, ETL
(extract-transfrom-load) is used which involves reading data from
different sources, cleaning the data, converting the format of the input
data so that it conforms to the target database, and writing it to the
target database.
Big data paradigm is changing this problem due to three V’s: volume,
velocity, and variety. In big data paradigm, potentially a large number
of data sources and data assets are considered for analytics. One needs
to discover, integrate, and analyze large volumes of diverse data
Finding relevant data for analytics is an important data discovery
problem.  Data diversity makes this problem difficult. The diversity of
the data can be due to data model; type of data—structured,
semi-structured, or unstructured; enterprise data vs. open public data;
integrating social media data, etc. One also needs to handle data
quality and data governance issues. In this workshop we invite
demonstrations displaying techniques for identifying relevant sets of
data, finding different kinds of relationships between structured,
semi-structured, and unstructured data, curating the data for further
analysis, integrating data using various join, union, and merge
techniques, validating the integrated data, and analyzing it, from
various industry domains.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
- Cleaning big data
- Integration of big heterogeneous data
- Metadata extraction
- Automated rule generation
- Curating data
- Data discovery
- Provisioning and data lineage

We welcome good demonstrations, including of previously accepted
papers/demos, for this workshop. Authors need to send manuscript
describing the demo in up to 2 pages (2 column format) inclusive of all
references and figures. Manuscripts must be written in English, and
formatted according to IEEE proceedings templates. Please see the
workshop website for more

Important dates:
Demo proposals due:  July 5, 2014
Notification of acceptance:  July 15, 2014
Workshop:   August 24, 2014

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