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Call for Workshop Papers and Posters

2014 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData 2014)
October 27-30, 2014, Washington DC,  USA

In recent years, “Big Data” has become a new ubiquitous term. Big Data
is transforming science, engineering, medicine, healthcare, finance,
business, and ultimately society itself. The IEEE Big Data has
established itself as the top tier research conference in Big Data. The
first conference IEEE Big Data 2013
( was held in Santa Clara ,
CA from Oct 6-7, 2013, 259 paper submissions for the main conference and
32 paper submissions for the industry and government program. Of those,
44 regular papers and 53 short papers were accepted, which translates
into a selectivity that is on-par with top tier conferences. Also, there
were 14 workshops associated with IEEE Big Data 2013 covering various
important topics related to various aspects of Big Data research,
development and applications, and more than 400 participants from 40
countries attend the 4-day event.

The IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2014(IEEE BigData 2014)
continues the success of the IEEE BigData 2013. We expect to have an
exciting prgoram, IEEE Big Data 2014 has received 271 paper submissions
for the main conference and 37 paper submissions for the industry and
government program. Also there are 21 workshops covering a lot emerging
research areas associated with it, If you miss the deadline to submit a
paper to the conference, you are encouraged to submit your research work
to one of the workshops or poster program

I. 21 Workshops (most of the workshop paper submission deadlines are in
late August)

1. Scholarly Big Data: Challenges & Issues

2. The 2nd Workshop on Scalable Machine Learning: Theory and
   Applications (

3. 1st International Workshop on High Performance Big Graph Data
   Management, Analysis, and Mining

4. Big Data in Motion and Big Data at Rest

5. Workshop on Enterprise Big Data Semantic and Analytics Modeling

6. The Second Workshop on Distributed Storage Systems and Coding for Big
   Data (

7. First IEEE International Workshop on Big Data Security and Privacy (BDSP
   2014) (

8. The 2nd International Workshop of BigData in Bioinformatics and
   Healthcare Informatics (

9. Solar Astronomy Big Data (SABiD) – 1st Workshop on Management, Search
   and Mining of Massive Repositories of Solar Astronomy Data (

10. Using Big Data to Understand Spatial Connectivity

11. CASK-141st International Workshop on Collaborative methodologies to
    Accelerate Scientific Knowledge discovery in big data

12. Rapid Response Cyber Forensics Workshop

13. First Hands-On Workshop on Leveraging High Performance Computing
    Resources for Managing Large Datasets

14. Workshop on BigData and Service Discovery (

15. Workshop on Advances in Software and Hardware for Big Data to Knowledge
    Discovery (ASH)

16. IEEE Big Data Workshop on Semantics for Big Data on the Internet of
    Things (SemBIoT 2014)

17. Big Data in Computational Epidemiology

18. Large Scale Data Analytics in Transportation and Railway Infrastructure

19. 2nd Workshop on Scalable Cloud Data Management (

20. Big Humanities Data

21. Complexity for Big Data(

II. Poster  (Submission deadline:  Sept  27,  2012)
Poster abstracts are limited to one page, must be camera-ready, and must
follow the same formatting requirements as the main papers

Online Submission:

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