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Thank you so much for these recordings, Alice!


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Dear all,

May i inform you that 3 shorts recordings of Mopiu/ Mong Bjo, a Hmong language of North-Vietnam (Lao Cai province) are available on COCOON a oral corpus database https://cocoon.huma-num.fr/ .
As the website is in French, the easy way to get to the recordings is to search for <Vietnam> or <Hmong>.
Given that Hmong Bjo has no ISO code yet, it appears as a Hmong Njua language (although we don’t think it belongs to this branch).

The first recording is a narrative (about how to make colored rice); the second one is a recording of lexicon from CALMSEA list (Matisoff 1979) ; the last one is a minimal pair between 3 words (sun-rice-eat).
In a long term,we intend to put more data with annotation and transcription, as it appears for other Vietnamese or Southeast Asian languages in the same database.

Best to all,

Alice Vittrant
Université d'Aix-Marseille / CNRS-DDL (UMR 5596)

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