[My-hm] Another MY/HM workshop inKyoto?

Nathan White Nathan.White at mytwu.ca
Thu Feb 1 09:16:44 UTC 2018


Thanks for sending this out.

I have been seriously considering attending ICSTLL this year in Kyoto myself, so I would be very interested in a MY/HM workshop.


Nathan White

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Dear colleagues,

I think that everybody in this ML has received an annuncement from
Huziwara about the next ICSTLL meeting in Kyoto (if not, you can find a
copy in the attachment).
In the announcement he invites a proposal of workshop for the meeting.
So, how about getting together in another MY/HM workshop?
Nerida kindly organized a wonderful workshop in Singapore, and it would
be nice to have another one in Kyoto.
Could you please tell me if you have a plan to join the Kyoto meeting?

Best regards,
Yoshihisa Taguchi

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