mokwiltonowani (mocuiltonohuani)

R. Joe Campbell campbel at
Sun Jan 2 03:32:10 UTC 2000

   The verb stem is -cuiltonoa (without the /w/), but it is undoubtedly
inserted in some dialects by *general* rule (i.e., in /oa/ ---> [owa]
dialects).  Also, it may occur sporadically in any dialect, but I wouldn't
call this "hypercorrection" because the conditions are right for it.

   Molina lists the following forms:
    (prefixes are shown in parentheses; the main entry is given in=20
     conventionalized spelling; forms in {{ ... }} are Molina's
     original forms)

cen cuiltonoliztli (ne-invert.2). {{necen cuiltonoliztli}}  copiosa y
 entera riqueza. 71m2-64-3-12-11
cencuiltonoliz tlacnopilhuiliztli (ne-invert.2). {{necencuiltonoliz
 tlacnopilhuiliztli}}  dones o mercedes copiosas y enteras de la
 bienauenturanza. 71m2-64-3-11-11
cencuiltonoliztlacnopilhuiliztli (ne-invert.2).
 {{necencuiltonoliztlacnopilhuiliztli}}  perpetua bienauenturan=87a de
 riquezas y gloria. 71m1-95-17
cuiltono (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltono}}  el que enriquece a otro, o cosa que
 enriquece a otro. 71m2-093-3-41-16
cuiltonoa (mo). {{mocuiltonoa}}  rico. 55m-197v-17
cuiltonoa (mo). {{mocuiltonoa}}  rico. 71m1-105-18
cuiltonoa (nicno). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnicno}}  gozerse de algo como de fin.
cuiltonoa (nicno). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnicno}}  gozarse de algo como de fin.
cuiltonoa (nicno). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnicno=3Donicnocuiltono}}  fruir y gozar d=
 algo. 71m2-26-4-34-5
cuiltonoa (nino). {{ninocuitonoa}}  abundadar en riquezas. 55m-003v-00
cuiltonoa (nino). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnino}}  enrriquecerse. 55m-105r-8
cuiltonoa (nino). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnino}}  gozerse como quiera. 55m-132r-10
cuiltonoa (nino). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnino}}  abundar en riquezas. 71m1-2-2-1
cuiltonoa (nino). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnino}}  gozarse como quiera. 71m1-66-12
cuiltonoa (nino). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnino=3Doninocuiltono}}  abundar en haziend=
a, o
 gozarse mucho. 71m2-26-4-35-5
cuiltonoa (nite). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnite}}  enrriquecer a otro. 55m-105r-8
cuiltonoa (nite). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnite}}  enriquecer a otro. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonoa (nite). {{nitecuiltonoa}}  enriquecer a otro. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonoa (nite). {{cuiltonoa =3Dnite=3Donitecuiltono}}  enriquecer aotro.
cuiltonoani (mo). {{mocuiltonoani}}  abundoso assi. 55m-003v-00
cuiltonoani (mo). {{mocuiltonoani}}  gozoso en esta manera. 55m-132r-10
cuiltonoani (mo). {{mocuiltonoani}}  abundoso. 71m1-2-2-1
cuiltonoani (mo). {{mocuilto}}  gozoso assi. 71m1-66-12
cuiltonoani (mo). {{mocuiltonoani}}  rico. per metaphora. el que se goza
 mucho. 71m2-58-1-28-10
cuiltonoani (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoani}}  dador delos bienes o dela
 gracia. 55m-066r-4
cuiltonoani (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoani}}  enrriquecedor. 55m-105r-8
cuiltonoani (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoani}}  enriquecedor. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonoani (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoani}}  enriquecedor.
cuiltonoca (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoca}}  ricamente. 55m-197v-17
cuiltonoca (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoca}}  ricamente. 71m1-105-18
cuiltonoca (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoca}}  ricamente. 71m2-65-3-05-11
cuiltonohua (nino). {{cuiltonoua =3Dnino}}  enriquecerse. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonolhuia (ninote  [y el elegante es]). {{cuiltonolhuia =3Dninote}}=20
 enriquecer a otro. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonoliztica (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztica}}  abundosamente assi.
cuiltonoliztica (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztica}}  abundosamente.
cuiltonoliztica (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztica}}  ricamente.
cuiltonoliztica (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoliztica}}  enriquecidamente.
cuiltonoliztli  [perpetua riqueza] (cemmanca ne-invert.2). {{cemmanca
 necuiltonoliztli}}  perpetua o continua cosa. 71m1-95-17
cuiltonoliztli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztli}}  gozo assi. 55m-132r-10
cuiltonoliztli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztli}}  gozo desta manera.
cuiltonoliztli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonoliztli}}  riqueza.
cuiltonoliztli (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoliztli}}  enrriquecimiento.
cuiltonoliztli (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoliztli}}  enriquecimiento.
cuiltonoliztli (te-invert.2). {{tecuiltonoliztli}}  enriquecimiento delque
 enriquece a otro. 71m2-093-4-03-16
cuiltonoliztli (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonoliztli}}  enrriquecimiento.
cuiltonoliztli (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonoliztli}}  enriquecimiento.
cuiltonoliztli (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonoliztli}}  enriquecimiento.
cuiltonollani (nino-invert.1). {{ninocuiltonollani =3D=3Doninocuiltonollan}=
 desear ser rico yprospero. 71m2-72-1-37-12
cuiltonolli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonolli}}  hazienda o riqueza.
cuiltonolli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonolli}}  riqueza. 55m-197v-17
cuiltonolli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonolli}}  riqueza. 71m1-105-19
cuiltonolli (ne-invert.2). {{necuiltonolli}}  riqueza. 71m2-65-3-08-11
cuiltonolli (tla-invert.2). {{tlacuiltonolli}}  enrriquecido. 55m-105r-8
cuiltonolli (tla-invert.2). {{tlacuiltonolli}}  enrequecido. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonolli (tla-invert.2). {{tlacuiltonolli}}  enriquecido.
cuiltonolti (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonolti}}  enrriquecedor.
cuiltonolti (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonolti}}  enriquecedor. 71m1-55-10
cuiltonolti (tene-invert.2). {{tenecuiltonolti}}  cosa que enriquece.
cuiltonoltia (nitene). {{necuiltonoltia =3Dnite}}  enrriquecer a otro.
cuiltonoltia (nitene). {{necuiltonoltia =3Dnite}}  enriquecer a otro.
cuiltonoltia (nitene-invert.1). {{necuiltonoltia =3Dnite=3Donitecuiltonolti=
 enriquecer a otro. 71m2-65-3-10-11
hueya nonecuiltonol (occenca-invert.1). {{occenca ueya nonecuiltonol
 =3D=3Doccenca oueix nonecuiltonol}}  acrecentarse mis riquezas.
hueya nonecuiltonoliz (occenca-invert.2). {{occenca ueya nonecuiltonoliz}}=
 mas valer. 55m-165v-13
hueya nonecuiltonoliz (occenca-invert.2). {{occenca veya no necuiltonoliz}}
 mas valer. 71m1-83-15
itecencuiltonoaya in dios. {{itecencuiltonoaya in dios}}  la
 bienauenturanza y gloria sempiterna que da nuestro se=A4or dios.
necuiltonolmati (nic). {{necuiltonolmati =3Dnic}}  tener o estimar algo por
 grandes riquezas y deleytes. 55m-197v-19
necuiltonolmati (nic). {{necuiltonolmati =3Dnic}}  tener o estimar algo por
 grandes riquezas y deleytes. 71m1-113-20
necuiltonolmati (nic). {{necuiltonolmati =3Dnic=3Donicnecuiltonolma}}  esti=
 y tener por cosa rica alguna cosa. 71m2-65-3-09-11
tetecuiltonoani. {{tetecuiltonoani}}  dador delos bienes espirituales y
 temporales. 71m1-36-6
titocuiltonollani. {{titocuiltonollani =3D=3Dotitocuiltonollanque}}  dessea=
 ser enriquecidos y prosperados. 71m2-113-4-01-19


   Some of the forms that occur in the Florentine Codex:
    (some forms are shown with the prefix stripped off and following
     a comma; others have the prefix intact because time is short and
     the flesh is weak.)

  cuiltono, mo-. rich man; he became rich.
  cuiltono, omo-. he enjoyed himself.
  cuiltonoa, mo-. he becomes rich; he enjoys; he is rich; he is
    wealthy; he is prosperous; she is rich; she is wealthy; they are
    rich; they live in abundance; they rejoice.
  cuiltonoa, quimo-. they enjoy it.
  cuiltonoa, te-. he enriches people; he gives riches to people.
  cuiltonoani, mo-. one who is rich; prosperous person; rich person.
  cuiltonoanime, mo-. those who are rich.
  cuiltonoaya, mo-. she prospered; they became rich; they prospered;
    they were wealthy.
  cuiltonocanectica, mo-. he pretends to be rich.
  cuiltonohuaya, mo-. they were rich.
  cuiltonoliztli, ne-. riches; richness.
  cuiltonolli, ne-. wealth, riches; richness.
  cuiltonoloya, ne-. place of wealth; there were riches.
  cuiltonoque, mo-. rich people.
  cuiltonoque, tito-. we acquired wealth.
  cuiltonoz, mo-. he will be rich; he will be wealthy; rich; he will
    become rich; he will have wealth; he will prosper; she will be
    rich; she will become rich; she will prosper.
  cuiltonozque, mo-. they will be rich; they will become rich; they
    will rejoice.
  innecuiltonol. their wealth; their riches.
  mocuiltonoa. he acquires abundance, he becomes prosperous; they are
    rich; they prosper.
  mocuiltonoani. rich person.
  necuiltonol, i-. his fortune; his wealth.
  necuiltonol, in-. his wealth; their wealth; their riches.
  necuiltonoliztzin, i-. his riches.
  necuiltonolli. wealth; contentment; prosperity; riches.
  necuiltonolo. there is wealth.
  necuiltonoloya. land of wealth; rich place.
  necuiltonoloyan. land of wealth.
  onmocuiltono. he rejoiced.
  otonmocuiltono. you became wealthy, you became prosperous.
  timocuiltonoa. you acquire abundance, you become prosperous.
  xonmocuiltono. be prosperous!.

On Sat, 1 Jan 2000, Matthew Montchalin wrote:

> What is the grammatical or semantic makeup underlying the word
> 'mokwiltonowani' (a rich person, 'mogul?')?
> Also, can somebody send me an up-to-date list of all current publishers
> (and self-publishers) of Nahuatl materials?

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