Galen Brokaw brokawg at
Tue Jan 18 19:33:42 UTC 2000

Thanks to those who replied to my request. For those interested, I will list
here the references for the articles mentioned by David and Fritz. The Klor de
Alva article has a section on "neplantism" and he cites Leon-Portilla's article
and a paragraph from Duran.

Klor de Alva, Jorge. "Spiritual Conflict and Accomodation in New Spain: Toward a
Typology of Aztec Responses to Christianity." _The Inca and Aztec States,
1400-1800_. New York: Academic Press. 345-366.

Leon-Portilla, Miguel. "Testimonios nahuas sobre la conquista espiritual."
_Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl_ 11 (1974): 11-36.


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