The Linguasphere Register of the World's Languages and Speech

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Please could the following announcement be distributed to members of the
NAHUAT-L mailing list:

The Linguasphere Observatory is a research network devoted to the
classification of the world's languages and dialects, the study and
promotion of multilingualism and the exploration of our global linguistic
environment. The Linguasphere website ( ) currently
contains extracts from the forthcoming Linguasphere Register of the World's
Languages and Speech Communities, including:


The observatory would be very grateful to receive comments from linguists on
the extracts, which can be viewed and downloaded (together with an
explanation of the methodology used entitled Guide to Extracts) - by
selecting the Download Extracts button on the homepage.  Any scientific
support  will of course be fully acknowledged.

David Dalby
Director - Linguasphere Observatory
research at

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