"Firefly" really a Wasp

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<< the "Hill of the Wasp" as it is usually called.
The wings are those identified with the wasp,
and they occur also in the symbols for Venus, as "Wasp Star".
The sharply pointed abdomen holds the stinger. >>

Thank you for clearing that up, Lloyd.

It's a fantastic scene overall, to be sure.  :-)  Looking for *any* bugs at
all in the Nuttall illustrations was more frustrating than the "Where's
Waldo" books so popular in the 80's. That trial-like shape coming out of the
abdomen made me think I was sooooo close to making a match -- are you saying
that curvilinear shape is a stinger, or is it a movement-shape?

Where can a body catch fireflies in precolumbian art?  The mystery

Alison King

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