Movie Boycott -Stereotyping Native People

Yaoxochitl at Yaoxochitl at
Sun Jan 23 05:22:11 UTC 2000

Hey Craig Berry:
     Obviously your views are based on easy slogans, sentimental evasions,
and quick certainties.  Any scholar, who knows the distorted details of
history, will assert that human sacrifice could have been a creation in the
fertile little minds of the Spaniards, especially when these soldiers, whose
ethnocentric standards and practices distorted the truth, along with the
unthinkable atrocities committed on our people, needed a justification for
their exploitative nature.  Let's not forget that the only eyewitness
accounts of the conquest of Mexico come from 4 spainiards, one of them
anonymous, Cortez, who wrote letters to the king of Spain, another spaniard,
whose name escapes me,  and Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who wrote his memoirs
35 years after the conquest, and Im sure fostered a grossley distorted tale
of what my ancestors were like.  I suggest you do some research, both
external and internal analysis on this before u shoot your mouth off like
that.  You have much to learn Craig.  I suggest you dissect your own
ancestral history first before u make absurd presumptions based on the
biased, ethnocentric, one sided views coming from a group of people that
raped, enslaved, and murdered in the name of Chrisitianity.

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