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Mon Jan 24 07:41:15 UTC 2000


A sober treatment of "teotl" as applied to Spaniards can be found in James
Lockhart's WE PEOPLE HERE (1993), pp. 19-20.

In discussions like these specifics are needed. This is especially true if we
are interested in what Nahuas of particular communities or areas (e.g.,
Valley of Mexico) actually said/wrote rather than what someone else (then or
now) says they said/wrote. Perhaps someone on the list has the specific
occurrences in texts like the FLORENTINE CODEX and can provide them. Then we
can at least try to evaluate the original categories and terminology in
Nahuatl rather than later translations/interpretations/misinterpretations.

I find this particular thread potentially interesting. However it cannot be
much more than a discussion of attitudes (with consequent flaming) if
specifics are not provided.

Ye ixquich.
Barry D. Sell

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