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Mon Jan 24 17:09:20 UTC 2000

On Mon, 24 Jan 2000 HJVsqzIMIS at wrote:

>     It is not my way to be combative, and I never expected that some of you,=
> =20
> my elders, would react this way. I apologize for causing any hurt. I shared=20
> the message only so that you might be ready to help out after the film came=20
> out, by preparing your thoughts ahead of time.

No hurt was caused, so your apology is unnecessary.  Debate harms nobody,
and examination of assumptions, cultural contexts, and approaches to
historical awareness is always productive.

> But I don=92t dwell on killing aspects of cultures. I dwell on the music,=20
> poetry, art, mathematics, astronomy, and the beauty in the human spirit. I=20
> enjoy pointing out Spanish words that have come from Nahuatl or Arabic. I=20
> enjoy teaching children how to play the huehuetl, tlapitzalli, and the=20
> teponaztli. I teach my students how to do a =93round=94 dance.

Your students are extremely fortunate to have you as a teacher, and we are
all equally fortunate to have you teaching them.  This is the hope of
coming years.  Thank you.


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