about your views...

mictlacihuatl mictlan at hooked.net
Tue Jan 25 17:38:32 UTC 2000

I've been pretty quiet during this whole thread (as usual) but damn does it
get anymore arrogant and reactionary than this, CRISTI?
Other people? Figures...

In mexicayotl yeliztli aik ixpoliuiz! -Mictlacihuatl

At 05:45 AM 1/25/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Yaoxochitl wrote to me:
><a long-winded list of sputtering grievances against me, my
>opinions, and Europeans in general, using epithets like:
> racist,
>ethnocentric, and paternalistic presumptions
> xenophobia and a wrath
>of ignorance
>grossly disorted picture of "history" and
>fostering nothing more than this fantastic lye.
>spoon-fed you in high
>absurd conclusion
>dont rant
>and rave about some biased, racist spanish friar
>your views are based on sentimental evasions, quick certainties,
>easy slogans.
>So please,
>do me a favor, have the decency to research before you "feel" or
>about a subject you know nothing about.>
>My reply to Yaoxochitl:
>An excess of exciting, passionate verbiage, insults, imprecations,
>and name-calling does absolutely nothing to persuade others to
>your point of view.  I thought your people were known for their
>oratory skills--but perhaps you neglected to learn those skills,
>since they were just more "lyes" by dirty white people, eh?  I have
>absolutely no intention of playing your silly game and trying to
>argue any of this with you, or to rationally discuss my sources
>etc., since I already know you to be a person who listens to no one
>at all, preferring to believe only what his fears and insecurities tell
>him to believe (forever after, for better or for worse).  I absolutely
>don't give even a tiny fig what you think.  That probably comes as a
>complete surprise to you, eh?
>> Hell, you even called my ancestors, "Azteca!"  If you knew
>> anything about my people then you would at least get the name right!  We
>> and still  called the Mexicah(Meh-Shee-Kah).  Any college student knows
>> the term "aztec" is a misnomer created by 19th century scholars!
>On the contrary, Mexica is what YOUR ancestors were called.  I
>was referring to the Azteca, including ALL of the peoples in that
>region who spoke Nahuatl, not just your poor, overburdened little
>group.  Properly, I should have included the Maya as well.
>So please,
>> do me a favor, have the decency to research before you "feel" or "think"
>> about a subject you know nothing about.
>Please do me the favor of having the *guts* to post these kinds of
>"opinions" publicly, rather than personally, to listmembers.

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