Movie Boycott -Stereotyping Native People

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Wed Jan 26 15:18:53 UTC 2000


With your eloquence, sensitivity and compassion, it would be wonderful if you
could write material about your people and their history for children of the
Americas.  More and more such books exist; I bought several for young
relatives and friends recently.  They DO have an impact.

 Interestingly, I first developed an interest in Mexican culture while
reading a National Geographic article on the Aztecs which did mention and
illustrate, among other things, human sacrifice.  In my case, my interest in
the culture grew, my reading expanded and I eventually became convinced that
the European conquest of the Americas involved one of the greatest cultural
crimes of all times, a true series of genocides.  And, everyone who listens
to my views on the subject knows how strongly I believe that.  The point is
that even negative and neutral images can plant the seed that produces a
deeper and more comprehensive understanding.  Of course, the positive images,
unless they are maudlin and obviously propagandistic, are more valuable.

Chuck Oliver

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