Spanish "Gods"

Yaoxochitl at Yaoxochitl at
Thu Jan 27 01:12:41 UTC 2000

     But movies are taken seriously, especially if the subject matter is
controversial.  "Last Temptation of Christ"  was blasted by christians,
denouncing the movie for its "blasphemous" illustration of jesus.  In a
society where entertainment molds and influences our standards and practices,
the images can be culturally damaging to a targeted ethnic group.  What would
African-americans do if the entertainment industry promoted a performance of
black-faced "mammy" dancers as a tribute to Al Joleson?  Does that
encapsulate of what an African-american is like?  Or would it be right to
portray Native-americans as crazy drunks in movies?  The point is, absurd
inaccuracies, like in the movie, "El Dorado", targeted at an ethnic group can
be very hurtful and painful.

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