Tloque Nahuaque

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Sat Jan 29 18:49:32 UTC 2000

Susana Moraleda
 <marisol at> wrote

>I am doing a research on Tloque-Nahuaque / Ipalnemohuani.
>Would someone know in which codex or codices this is more frequently found,
>and/or what is its glyph like?
>Thank you
>Susana Moraleda

In the Florentine Codex ipalnemohuani seems to be a very abstract attribut
of divinities (or of the divinity). It was so much abstract that it could be
apply to the christian God: "in zan iceltzin nelli teotl ilhuicahuah in
tlalticpaqueh in ipalnemohuani", the only true God, the master of the sky,
the master of the earth, he by whose grace all lives. Sahagun. Colloquios.
Quellenwerke zur Alten Geschichte Americas III 77 - Stuttgard 1949. I belive
therefore that if the corresponding glyph existed it cannot appear in the
codices of calendrical or historical content.
Does it any where else?
Alexis Wimmer.

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