Language Families, my apologies

Robert G. Comegys robc at
Wed Jun 7 01:48:03 UTC 2000

My apologies to the group for mislabeling conclusions drawn from other sources as
"linguistic". No, actually I am not a linguist, and will certainly remember
this better in the future.  Usually I am very careful to not overstate
conclusions and to cite sourtces. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  I
will resume my place in
the back of the class and try to learn something of nahuat-l.  John Comegys

> Mark David Morris wrote:
> > With so many good linguists on the list, I hope someone might confirm or
> > correct my understanding that neither Finnish, Hungarian nor Basque are
> > Indo-European languages.  Thanks,  Mark Morris
> >

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