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Thu Mar 23 07:59:38 UTC 2000

I find in Mexico:

- Ma'titla'tocan Nahualla'tolli. Ed. by Ce-Acatl. 1 litle book and 2
cassetes. I think that this litle book is only an introduction but this
Editorial has 2  very interesting cassettes with tales on nahuatl about
legends and Emiliano Zapata.

 The dialect is from Milpa Alta (D:F). His adress is Ingeniero Zacatepec
164. Col Rinconada. Coapa.14330 DF. Tel 5947516 an e-mail is
Ceacatl at laneta.apc.org. I buy in the Museo de Antropologia of Mexico.

-Curso de Nahuatl de la Huasteca. 2 books with 14 cassetes.Edited by Summer
Institut of Linguistics.I think that is a goog for learning the more
important dialect of modern nahuatl. Is cheap. The e-mail is
Literacy-Mexico at SIL.ORG.


Mikel Fernandez

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