Learning Nahuatl

"Fernández Georges, Mikel" at server.umt.edu "Fernández Georges, Mikel" at server.umt.edu
Fri Mar 24 10:56:51 UTC 2000

I'm sorry. My head isn't better that my English.

The right e-maiel where I buy the cassetes of  the Beller's Curso de Nahuatl
de la Huasteca is:

Literacy_Mexico at sil.org.        That is the office of Tucson.

If there is any problem, there is a web of Summer Institut of Linguistics:

and 2 offices more:

ILV_Mexico at sil.org        the office of Mexico  tel. (5)554-93-64
LingPub_Mexico at sil.org  the office of Vernon,AZ  (520) 825-6116

Mikel Fernandez

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