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On May 4, beginning at 7 p.m., there will be an exhibition opening at
Mexic-Arte Museum, located at 5th St. and Congress Ave., in Austin Texas.

The title of the exhibition is "Luz Jim=E9nez:  Symbol of a Millennial
People," and it is about the career in art of do=F1a Luz Jim=E9nez, who was
model for Jean Charlot, Diego Rivera, Fernando Leal, Edward Weston, Tina
Modotti, and many other members of the art world of Mexico City in the

Linguists know of do=F1a Luz through her memoirs in Nahuatl (published in
Nahuatl and Spanish by UNAM Press and in Nahuatl and English by the
University of Oklahoma Press) and her collected stories (published in
Nahuatl and Spanish by UNAM), but they have not known until lately about he=
life in art.

This is the second exhibition on the theme that has been hosted by
Mexic-Arte Museum.  The first was about Luz's early life and her home town
of Milpa Alta.  It was entitled "Luz and the Good Teachers."

The current exhibit (originally entitled "Luz Jim=E9nez:  Model and Muse of
the Mexican School of Painting") takes up the story of her life immediately
after the Mexican Revolution.  This exhibition originated at the Diego
Rivera Studio Museum in Coyoac=E1n, M=E9xico, DF.

For more information about Mexic-Arte Museum, visit their website:

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