Holy Week

Mark David Morris mdmorris at indiana.edu
Tue Mar 28 14:39:18 UTC 2000

If anyone has the time or the interest to lend a hand, I am still
struggling with the following passage of a letter that I hope to give to a
local newspaper for Holy Week.  Thanks, Mark Morris  Atlihuetzia,

() = superscript

Sanoyuhqui yn S(r) San pedro oquimotlacahualtiliyaya amoq(e)
moquimomachitocatzinos auh yn yehuatzi simon pedro
oquimochicahuili yniyolotzi nian oquinenehuili yn
costicteocuitlatli nian ynistac teocuitlatli ynian ymetz
tli nian yn tonali nian ysisitlalti Amotlenoquine
nehuili yniyolchicahualitzi miyec tepinauhtilis
tli oquimopialis ymixpa huehueyntin pariseos

For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more
grief. Eccl 1:18

To realize that our knowledge is ignorance, this is a noble insight. To
regard our ignorance as knowledge, this is mental sickness.  Only when we
are sick of our sickness, shall we cease to be sick.  The Sage is not
sick, being sick of sickness; This is the secret of health.  TTC 71

MDM, PhD Candidate
Dept. of History, Indiana Univ.

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