Jim Konopka jimk at
Thu Nov 30 02:27:45 UTC 2000

Hi All , I was wondering if anyone would know which is the best
Mayan/Aztec calendar to use with Windows . The last one I tried
launched Basic  ( I think) and I had to turn off the PC because I
couldn't even figure out how to  close the programme .
Jim Konopka

>On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Matthew Vogel wrote:
>> Just a naive question... I heard that the aztec calendar had a definite
>> end somewhere in the near future. Is this true?, and if so when would that
>> be?
>The Aztec calendar is closely related to the Mayan calendar, but the
>latter tracks much longer cycles of time.  We hit the end of one such (the
>12th "baktun", a period of nearly 400 years) near the winter solstice in
>2012.  According to some interpretations this marks the end of the world.
>So don't make any big plans for early 2013. :)

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