Tlilli tlapalli

David Wright dcwright at
Sun Jun 3 02:01:46 UTC 2001

>Are there any objections to throwing out "the black, the red" and using the more precise metaphorical phrase "the black, the colors"?

I object to the use of "the black, the colors"; while more precise than "the black, the red", the former phrase is less precise than Karttunen's suggestion last Thursday: "the black ink, the colored paint". López Austin and García Quintana, in the glossary at the back of their paleographic version of the Castillian text of the Florentine Codex, hit on the same solution for translating "Intlil, intlapal in huehuetque": "Su tinta, su pintura de los viejos".

(Don't worry about me, I often talk to myself when I get wrapped up in a problem.) (:o  )
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