Merit correction

Frances Karttunen karttu at
Mon Jun 4 18:17:22 UTC 2001

> tlacpactiliztli, neyolaliliztli tlacuapantiliztli next to your wife" where
> Francisco Loysaga well wishes Miguel Aparicio on the Pascuas.  I
> originally used "salutacin, fraternidad y convivencia;"  Luis Reyes,
> however, reads this as a parallelism sandwich (my term) consisting of two
> statements derived from words meaning "high" with an affective term for
> meatĀŠ

Meat?  Have I missed something here?  I assume that "neyolaliliztli" is
derived from the reflexive use of yo:llalia: (< yo:l-tl:alia:) meaning 'to
be content, to be happy.'

Where's the beef?


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