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Sun Jun 10 17:07:44 UTC 2001

I just received in my mailbox an announcent from Stanford U. Press
for James Lockhart's two volumes:

Volume 1: _Carochi's Grammar of the Mexican Language_. From the blurb:
"This new edition includes the original Spanish and an English
translation on facing pages. The corpus of examples, source of much
of our knowledge about vowel quality and glottal stop in Nahuatl, is
presented once in its original form, once in a rationalized manner.
Copious footnotes provide explanatory commentary and more literal
translations of some of Carochi's examples. The volume is at once an
indispensable pedagogical tool and the first critical edition of the
premier monument of Nahuatl grammatical literature."
Listed Price is $65.00

Volume 2: _Nahuatl as Written: Lessons in Older Written Nahuatl,
with Copious Examples and Texts_. From the blurb:
"Nahuatl as Written presumes no previous knowledge of the language.
It is organized on purely pedagogical principles, using an order and
techniques developed over many years of practical experience. The
book emphasizes active study of the language and contains an
abundance of examples that serve as exercises; these examples are
also available separately for the student's convenience. The
orthography and vocabulary are those found in the older Nahuatl
texts, and the last several of the twenty lessons offer practice in
working with texts as they were actually written. Some of the lessons
deal with syntax in a way not found elsewhere, and develop notions of
anticipation and cross-reference that are basic to Nahuatl grammar.
To lead the reader further, an appendix includes substantial
selections from ten varied texts, and an epilogue surveys much of the
existing body of published Nahuatl texts.
Listed Price $45.00
Both are scheduled to be released this coming Fall
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