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Thu May 3 17:44:02 UTC 2001

We are nearing the end of the academic year.  Since many subscribers are
students or faculty and may be gone for part of the summer, I request that
you please remember to unsubscribe from the list before leaving town or
turning your computer off.  This can be done by sending this message:
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unsubscribe nahuat-l

to this address:

majordomo at

Over the summer the discussion list will be moving to a new server.  I am
working with the technical folks to make this as simple as possible so that
none of you will be inconvenienced.

As of July 1, I will not longer be at The University of Montana, but will
become the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the University of Minnesota,
Morris.  Consequently this discussion list, and the associated web site,
will be moving in late June - early July.

J. F. Schwaller
List owner

John Frederick Schwaller                             schwallr at
Associate Provost                                        406-243-4722
The University of Montana                           FAX 406-243-5937

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