Ingestion of human meat among aztecs

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Wed May 9 01:33:52 UTC 2001

What non sense it this? Humans don't even need meat to have a healthy
diet if enough protein is available. The Mexica adequately had more than
enough, mixing corn mostly in tortillas and beans. The amino acids  in
both foods respectively combines to form a complete protein. Algae which
grew in the Lake was pounded into "cakes" and provide proteing as well.
Amaranth a lesser known grain, was also used extensively by the Mexica,
and today it is known that this grain is superior for its protein
content to other plant foods.
Turkeys and dogs were also domesticated and provide other avenues of
Human sacrifice and ritual canabalism are not related to any phenomena
that involves protein difficiency. These rites were important aspects of
the theology and cosmology of the Mexica and other people of Anahuac.

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