Molina and FC Vocabulary

Anthony Appleyard mclssaa2 at
Wed May 9 08:46:44 UTC 2001

"r. joe campbell" <campbel at> wrote:-
 > My wife (Mary Clayton) and I are preparing an integrated version of
 > Molina and I am working towards 1) an English translation of the
 > vocabulary of the Florentine Codex, and 2) a merged vocabulary covering
 > both Molina and the FC. ...

Thank you for your many efforts with all this work.
Is there any possible idea when it will be ready?
Will all the entries have English translations? For English-speakers, having
to learn Spanish to be able to understand Molina is more work on top of
learning Nahuatl. In Britain, Spanish is not much taught as a school subject.
Will it be on paper or on a web page or on a CD-ROM or what?
Will the Nahuatl spelling be standardized, e.g. marking vowel length and
glottal stops?
 > The vocabulary ... I extracted them from a database ...
Please who supplies that database?

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