Ingestion of human meat among aztecs

cristi at cristi at
Thu May 10 01:16:48 UTC 2001

> I think we have crashed with a extremely "euro-american" taboo.

Taboos had nothing to do with Itzcoatl's reply.  Common sense and
fact were all he presented.

> > What non sense it this?
> Why a non-sense? It is only an hypothesis, no one has claimed it is a
> conclusive fact.

Yes, but as a scientist, I can tell you that many hypotheses are
nonsense, just as this particular hypothesis is nonsense.  It's
utterly ridiculous, both from the standpoint of human nutrition and
existing cultural histories.  It is the product of an ethnocentric
European mind with too little imagination.  Finally, it is utterly
inappropriate for this forum.

Can we end this here, and get back to the forum's purpose?


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