Molina and FC Vocabulary

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Thu May 10 18:39:24 UTC 2001


R. Joe Campbell has suffered me saying this for several years, so I will
dare to express my opinion publicly well aware that I know little of what
I speak.  I too have been eager to see Joe's finished Florentine Codice
morphological study, a study that Angel Garibay urged when he first
published his LLave del Nahuatl and critical edition of Las Cosas de la
Nueva Espana.  In fact, I would put Joe's work as an international
priority for Nahuatl studies and I hope that he is able to find the help
and resources he needs to finish it.  Second, Joe and many others of his
generation, by my understanding, were the first generation of linguists to
extensively use computer, and Joe was certainly a pioneer, carrying a
trailer truck full of punch cards for the Molina dictionary when he moved
to Bloomington, Indiana.  I know the Wenner-Gren (sp?) foundation has
grants available for the preservation of scholars' anthropological
materials.  I think it would be a strong benefit to future generations if
all this unpublished information that people like Joe Campbell, Fran
Kartunnen etc. etc. have on cumputer were not lost but were collected in a
central place where it could be used by future generations.

On another subject, a guy from Tetlanohcan, Tlaxcala mentioned that pulque
is called "white face," which I assume has some relation with Mayahuel.
Would anyone like to expatiate on the symbolic relation between "white
face" and pulque?

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