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Santo, Joseph A. santo at
Wed May 16 17:24:16 UTC 2001

I am writing from the School of Music of The Catholic University of
America, Washington, D.C. I am a composer, and I am attempting to
confirm the accuracy of a short text (for musical purposes), which I
believe to be in nahuatl. I found the text on an internet site, and it
is supposed to be a translation of the "Ave, María." Since I am
interested particularly in the second half of the prayer, I am copying
only that part here:

...Santa Mariaè, Dios Inantzinè, ma topan ximotlâtolti in
titlâtlacoanime in axcan, ihuan inîquac yê tomiquiztempan. Ma yuh
This is supposed to translate: "Santa María, Madre de Dios, ruega por
nosotros pecadores ahora y en la hora de nuestra muerte. Amén."
I am trying to ascertain (a) whether it is indeed in correct nahuatl;
(b) the accuracy of the nahuatl translation; (c) how or if the
circumflex on some of the vowels changes the pronunciation of that vowel
or accentuation of the word, e.g. â, î, ê; and (d) what is the effect on
pronunciation/stress of the final grave e (Mariaè, Inantzinè), which
looks like a vocative. I understand that stress is on the second to the
last syllable in nahuatl, though I am not aware if there are any

I would be most grateful for any assistance anyone might be able to
offer regarding this short text.

Dr. Joseph Santo
Benjamin T. Rome School of Music
The Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C.

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