Nahuatl Question

Austin Rogers uncledelphi at
Thu May 24 21:01:54 UTC 2001

Good afternoon, Listeros!  My name is Austin Rogers.  I am a mesitzo college
student in Alabama.  I speak English, Spanish, and Japanese, and eventually
plan to add Nahuatl to that list after graduation.  I am currently writing a
book that contains a smattering of Nahuatl, and I would like to ask for some
help.  Essentially, I would like to know what two words are in Nahuatl.  The
two words are "fact" and "feeling."  For "fact," I am looking for something
that implies objectivity and perhaps empiricism.  For "feeling," I am
looking for something that implies sensuality.

Please pardon me if this request seems a bit childish, but at least it
should not be offensive.  I would appreciate any help in this matter.

Thanks much,

Austin Rogers
uncledelphi at

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