Particle "in" with nouns

Joost Kremers j.kremers at
Fri May 25 11:16:34 UTC 2001

hello all,

i have a question about a small point concerning Nahuatl grammar. my own
knowledge of Nahuatl is still rudimentary, and the grammars i have do not
seem to give an answer. hopefully someone on the list will be able to help me.

the particle "in" can apparently be used before a noun and as such is
sometimes compared to the definite determiner "the". my question is the
following: can "in" also be used before a possessed noun? e.g.:

a)	in inan
	`his/her mother'

b) 	in ichpocatl in inan
	`the girl's mother'

or are these structures to be considered ungrammatical? similarly, can a
demonstrative "inin" or "inon" be used before a possessed noun? e.g.:

c)	inin inan
	`this mother of his/hers'

i would appreciate any comments you may have.


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