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Sun Jan 5 18:12:06 UTC 2003

I'm always happy to see interest in Nahuatl. This site's overview of the
various Nahuatl dialects is very nice and informative.

But adding to Fran's rejoinder, I should add that there are a couple of
important mistakes at the website's homepage. The phrase "Nahuatl is an
ancient language spoken by our Mexica/Azteca, Tolteca, Olmeca..." is
incorrect. I'm surprised to find such a statement. Of the peoples listed
here only the Mexica and Azteca spoke Nahuatl.  Also, the phrase
"Hopi is almost identical to Nahuatl..." is a mistake. Hopi is indeed
related to Nahuatl but can hardly be termed "almost identical".

Michael McCafferty

On Fri, 3 Jan 2003 menchaca at wrote:

> I came upon this site recently and thought it might be of interest
> to members of the list.
> -g
> for general information
> "The Nahuatl Tlahtokalli at is an online Nahuatl language learning
> center initiated by graduate-level students Citlalin Xochime (Star Blossoms)
> & Itztli Ehecatl (Obsidian Wind). This project began in the xiuitl (year)
> Yei-Tochtli (3 rabbit), in the metztli (month) of Teotleko (when the energy
> is united) of the Mexica calendar, a time also known as October 2002
> according to the Julian calendar. We simply wanted a place to facilitate
> our understanding of Nahuatl culture while developing fluency of the language
> to such a degree that we may comfortably visit Nahuatl speaking villages.
> To attain these goals, we reserved an entire domain with 250 MB of storage
> for maintaining an interactive message board, scheduled weekly classes in
> our chat room, review sessions, quizzes, and sound clips of Nahuatl speakers."

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