FW: nahuatl.info for nahuatl info?

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Mon Jan 6 06:17:53 UTC 2003

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Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 20:29:43 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: nahuatl.info for nahuatl info?

We are poor graduate students, using a few Nahuatl coursework resources,
and our own money to maintain the nahuatl.info website.  We are certainly
NO EXPERTS - in fact, we are beginner students ourselves (as if we need to
inform you of this).  Mainly, we offer Nahuatl study in an online format.
We don't have the money to take expensive Nahuatl courses at any U.S.
university - and we certainly don't have the money to travel to Mexico and
take real Nahuatl classes.

What we do have is pride and a desire to learn what has been robbed from us
(our language and culture) as the result of colonial invaders.  We're not
out to impress Amerikan academic institutions, rather - we aim to be able
to visit Nahuatl speaking communities - and to communicate with our people -
 whether that communication is poorly structured or not - at least we are
trying to do something positive for our beloved culture.

I have your analytical dictionary - and I try to read from it everyday - as
well as the other Nahuatl resources that I have.  So please, offer any
helpful resources or references to us, rather than your criticism.

Citlalin Xochime

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