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Tlazohkamati for your many comments and examples...though we at (Nahuatl Tlahtolcalli) are only on lesson #7, and I am not
convinced that I am capable of providing logical responses to all of your
questions and comments.  Yes, I will change our title to your
correction "Tlahtolcalli."  As far as the source of the dialect in the
lessons that we study - Itztli Ehecatl has the Spanish/Nahuatl book by
Martinez, which he obtained from the Nahuatl University.  Yet, we have a
long way to go in sorting out all of the details, such as (which dialect?) -
and I cannot speak for Itztli who translated the lessons into English.

I do know that Sr. Ramos' (Nahuatl Instructor) coursework is from Casa de
Cultura de Cholula, San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.  Although Itztli is
fluent in Spanish - I  merely have Latin-based reading skills.  English is
my first language, and I only learned a handful of Nahuatl words as a
child, of which I found some of the Nahuatl words to be unique to Nahuatl
speakers in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico.  Perhaps the handful of Nahuatl
words that I learned as a child were all that remained from a now
disconnected past to my family’s Nahuatl speaking ancestors.  My
family "looks" like the "Olmecah" and I am not convinced that Olmecah
ever "disappeared."  Rather, I think they merely integrated with incoming
Aztecah and other pre-existing Native peoples. [From what I
understand "Olmecah" is an academically applied (?) Nahuatl word to the
assumed, "mysterious" civilization that once ruled across Anahuac

Yes, we do find many mistakes in our online Nahuatl lessons as we meet each
week and I dutifully make the corrections to the website as often as I
possibly can.    For example, I don't accept "in" as a translation to
mean "the."  Our  chatroom  has proved to be a valuable tool
in our learning experiences, with indigenous knowledge being shared that is
not readily found in your wonderful Nahuat-List.   We will do our best to
implement as many corrections as possible by using the Nahuat-List as a
resource as well.

My regards to all,

Citlalin Xochime

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