FW: nahuatl.info for nahuatl info?

nahuatl at nahuatl.info nahuatl at nahuatl.info
Fri Jan 10 01:22:52 UTC 2003

Professor Salvador,

First of all, I send my gracious appreciation and general thankfulness to
you for responding to my request for Nahuatl resources with an
exceptionally well compiled listing.   I will review and attempt to gather
those resources as suggested.  However, the items listed in the Spanish
language will do me no good, since I am not educated in Spanish beyond one
year study.  I look especially forward to accessing the recordings that you

Because my response to your other comments is lengthy, I have written,
formatted, and uploaded the following at the link listed below so that I
may retain in my response, the formatting not available in my little email


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