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On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 anthony.appleyard at umist.ac.uk wrote:

> The intended meaning of Citlalyani is "star traveller", because I like
> space stories and I have written some (see
> http://www.buckrogers.demon.co.uk ).
> Is such a name appropriate?
> Should there be a sandhi changing the -ly- into -ll-?


   Here is a list of some words from the Florentine Codex where that
sandhi fails to operate:

  acalyacac. at the prow of a boat; in the prow of a boat.
  acalyacac, im-. in the prow of their boat.
  acolyac, i-. its wing-bend tip.
  acolyacac, i-. its wing-bend tip; on its wing-bend tip; on the tip
    of its wing-bend; tip of its wing-bend.
  ahuilyecoznequi, tla-. they wish to perform negligently.
  ahuilyez. it will be evil.
  amatlapalyahualtic. round-winged, having round wings.
  atlapalyo, i-. its leafiness, its leaves.
  calyahualchihua, ni-. I make a round house.
  calyahualli. round house.
  calyahualoa, ni-. I make a house round.
  calyahualquetza, ni-. I erect a round house.
  calyollotl, ti-. you are the heart of the home.
  camopalyayactic. dark brown.
  capolyollotli. center of a cherry.
  coxolyecacehuaztli. crested guan feather fan.
  cuitlapilyac, i-. the point of its tail.
  cuitlapilyahualtic. having a rounded tail.
  cuitlaxcolyecti, te-. it soothed one's intestines; it soothed
    someone's intestines.
  cuitlaxcolyectia, te-. it soothes one's intestines.
  cuitlaxcolyectiz, qui-. it will purge him.
  hualyacan, quin-. he lead them.
  huelyacahuan, to-. our leaders.
  ixcamilyayactic. dark brown.
  ixtlapalyayactic. dark-colored on the surface.
  macpalyolloco, i-. in the palm of his hand.
  macpalyollotli. middle of the palm of the hand.
  macuelyeh. let it be soon.
  macuilyohual. five nights.
  nenepilyacahuitiauhca, to-. tip of our tongue.
  nopalya. nopal patch.
  omicicuilyacatl. end of rib; tip of rib.
  palcamilyayactic, tla-. dark brown; dusky brown.
  palyayactic, tla-. dark red.
  quelyecoa, tla-. she works nonchalantly.
  quelyecoani, tla-. one who performs reluctantly.
  quelyecoznequi, tla-. they wish to perform reluctantly.
  quetzalyacatl. down feather.
  queztepolyac, to-. end of the head of our femur.
  quilyayactic. dark green.
  tecpilyollo. noble of heart.
  texipalyamanca, to-. soft part of our lips.
  tlalyohuaz. it will be destroyed.
  tlatolyamanqui. soft-spoken.
  tlatolyaotl. discord.
  tlauhquecholyecacehuaztli. red spoonbill feather fan.
  tlazolyaotl. contention.
  tlilyayactic. dark.
  tolyahualli. reed rest for an earthen jar.
  totolyacaquiquintli. snuffling turkey.
  xalyectia, ni-. I purify sand, I clean sand.
  yolyamanqui. kind.
  zacatlaxcalyayactic. dark yellow.

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