Nahuatl pronunciation on TV

jmchavar at jmchavar at
Tue Jan 14 17:56:46 UTC 2003

>>Almost everyone in Mexico City pronounce Tlaxcala, Texcoco, Xochimilco,
>>Mixocac and other words with the "x" as "s"
>I wouldn't go that far.  Xochimilco is still normally pronounced show -

>chee - MEEL - co  at least among the folks I hang out with.  Certainly

>among all the girls, big and little, names Xochitl, the name is usually

>pronounced with the -sh- not a simple -s-

  Yes, there are few, very few chilangos that pronounce |shochimilco| and
also |shochitl|, I'm one of them; but in normal conversations, radio and
television, it's pronounced |sochimilco|, by children, students, workers
of all kind of jobs, politicians, teachers, etc. There are places whose
name is pronounced "correctly" like "xola" and "mixiuhca".

  Another interesting thing about actual pronunciation of place names is
that the accent has changed its place from the silabe before the last to
the last. For example: Atizapan, Cuauhtitlan, Ehecatepec, Chapultepec, etc.

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