Does chancles = slippers?

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Fri Jan 17 05:29:33 UTC 2003

Does chancles = slippers?

The word that I learned as a child that translates as "slippers" was spoken
in our home as "chancles."

Is it possible that this word originates from Nahuatl chantli (home) +
cactli (shoe).  I also see in Kartunnen's dictionary that "cacles" has the
meaning of "shoe."

Is the word (chan/cles) the result of combining (chan/tli) plus
I know "cactli" would not be separated as such: (ca/ctli)
However, could  Spanish influence result in cac/tli changing to ca/cles?
And as a result, the word "chancles" would then really mean "home shoes,"
thus expressed to have the same meaning as "slippers"?


citlalin xochime

Now I must learn like a child what it means to be a woven cloth of

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