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Brett Breitwieser brettb at
Fri Jan 17 18:09:34 UTC 2003

How useful would a study of Nahuatl be to someone who is also interested in
learning the Hopi Language? I am camped out on my land down in Holbrook near
the Hopi and have family down in Aztec land... my cousins are fluent in
Navajo, but I want to learn Hopi/Aztec for both archaeological and personal
reasons... Is the book listed below still available from the same source
(University of Minnesota)? My primary interest is in the Hisat'sinom
("Anasazi", an appellation I prefer not to use) and links between 'Arizuma'
and the old Aztec. I may be half crazy, but hey, I'm also planning on living
in a pithouse. ;*)

Campbell, Joe R. and Frances Karttunen, Foundation Course in Nahuatl
Grammar. Vol. I: Text and Exercises; vol. II: Vocabulary and Key (Missoula:
University of Montana, 1997) 336p. & 272p. $40.00 for both volumes, shipping

Dr. J. F. Schwaller
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean
University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN 56267

Thanks for humoring me...

Brett BaldEagle

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