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Mon Jan 20 07:03:15 UTC 2003

Thanks to everyone for the kind responses...

I've ordered "Speaking Mexicano" to get a basic cultural understanding and
though I can see that it will be of little help in learning Hopi, I will
order the Campbell Foundation set as well...

My Spanish is problematic to say the least, as I speak a variant based on
French learned in High School, practiced for three years in West Africa
(Senegal) modified by exposure to the Arabs for 15 years, and a year of
Spanish from a teacher from Barcelona who had studied in France (without
realizing it we kept mutually falling into French variants in the class,
much to the consternation of my fellow classmates!) Combined with the Wolof,
Serer and Peulani from West Africa and some Mandarin Chinese (1 year in
College, several years exposure to Mandarin and Cantonese here in
California) and Japanese (1 year in College and several years exposure as a
Zen Buddhist)... and I speak a very strange Pirate's Creole!

When I listen to Spanish I tend to hear the common Latin roots with Arabic
mixed in... might as well add Mexicano/Nahuatl to make life interesting...
and if I can find the sources I am quite interested to find some way of
picking up smatterings of Hopi, Navajo, and Apache...

I'm not sure where this is all leading... but learning even small amounts of
languages of others opens up new worlds and world-views as I have found in
the past... *huehuetlahtolli*


Anyway, thanks for the responses... I'm still quite interested in the Aztec
influences that reached up into Arizuma...

Wish me luck, life is an adventure... even for undisciplined types like
myself who are literally "all over the map"... thanks again for humoring me!

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