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Sat Jul 26 01:20:45 UTC 2003

	Tlahuel niyolpactoc pampa ya nicmati queniuhqui motequihuia nopa
macron pan tepoznehnehuilli.
Well, after MUCH looking around, I have found a font/keyboard layout
which will allow me to do macrons and grave accents in Microsoft Word
using Macintosh OSX (10.2). I'm not talking about Classic mode. You
just fire up Word in OSX and write away! Those of you who do
transcriptions of colonial docs will like to know that you can put the
macron over any letter, capital or small case. As you know, the free
standing macron and grave accent look horrible over an "i", so there is
a special keyboard combination just for this letter.
	The font/keyboard layout is called LaserYukon, it costs a little under
100 bucks, and it is available from Yeah,
it's expensive, but if you need the tools of the trade......

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