Nahuatl Word of Interest

Richley Crapo RCRAPO at HASS.USU.EDU
Tue Jan 27 15:33:34 UTC 2004

I have two that I've puzzled over for some time and hope is transparent to everyone else, because I'd like to know how to interpret it.

The first is  quinmocatitiaya

It occurs in Anonimo Mexicano in this sentence, In ahmo: quinmocatitiaya in quin ye: hualhuiqueh.

The second is o:meyotitiuh [o:me yotitiuh???]

It occurs in  O:quinna:huati o:meyotitiuh   caniman   o:conneltilizquia   in i:tlatoltzin o:hua:llazquia quipale:hui:quih.

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