Nahuatl Word 2

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Thu Jan 29 01:40:27 UTC 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Galen Brokaw wrote:

> I'm stuck at home snowed in and most of my books and files are in my
> office at school, so I can't try and back this up with any textual
> evidence or analogous vocabulary constructions. But since I don't have
> any other excuse not to shovel the driveway, I'll throw something out.

> Am I close?


   I'm glad you had snow in your driveway.  I think finding an error is
considerably more difficult than doing morphological analysis on a
trustworthy form, since the possible errors can go in so many directions.
As I watched you trace the tlaz-, zacatl, tlacotl possibilities, it was a
little like watching a person swing at the pin~ata and then bingo!!

   You weren't close... that was horseshoes!  As I have said before,
"I wish *I* had said it that way".

   And I assume that "olo:loa" is derived as follows:

   olo:lli  +  -ihui  =  olo:lihui (it becomes like a ball)

   olo:lihui {make causative by replacing -ihui with transitive -oa}
             = olo:loa  (make something into a ball, pile, etc.)



p.s.  Here are some more "olo:lli"s:

  calcuichololoa =ni.  deshollinar o desollinar.  55m-5
  calcuichololoa =ni=onicalcuichololo.  deshollinar.  71m2-2
  calcuicholololli =tla.  deshollinado o dessollinado; deshollinada 
    cosa.  55m-5
  cemololiuhtihui.  ; they go grouped together.  FC
  cemololiztli =tla.  herencia assi.  71m2-20
  cemololo =tla.  eredero vniuersal; heredero vniuersal.  55m-8
  cemololoa , con-.  she bundles it up.  FC
  cemololoa , onmo-.  they gather, they assemble.  FC
  cemololoa , ontla-.  she rolls something up.  FC
  cemololoa , qui-.  he accumulates it; they heap it up.  FC
  cemololoa , quin-.  they gather them together; they gather them up; 
    they round them up.  FC
  cemololoa , tla-.  he heaps things together.  FC
  cemololoa =nitla.  lastar pagar por todos los que pecaron.  55m-12
  cemololoa =nitla=onitlacemololo.  lastar o pagar yo todo lo que los 
    otros hizieron, o cometieron.  71m2-3
  cemololoani =tla.  el que lo hereda todo.  71m2-20
  cemolololiztli =tla.  erencia assi.   55m-8
  cemololotihuitz , qui-.  it comes rolling it together.  FC
  centlaolololli.  pella de manteca, o de cosa assi.  71m2-3
  citlalmaololo.  star gatherer, one who gathers stars.  FC
  cuaololauhca , i-.  roundness of its head.  FC
  cuaololiuhca =tepetl i.  cabezo de sierra.  71m2-17
  cuaololtic.  having a round top; round at the tip.  FC
  cuateololtic.  having a ball-like head.   FC
  cuauhololhuiliztli =tla.  porrada herida de porra.  55m-16
  cuauhololhuitequiliztli =te.  porrada herida de porra.  55m-16
  cuauhololihuiliztli =tla.  el acto de dar porrada a otro, o de herirle 
    con ella.  71m2-23
  cuauhololli.  mazo para majar, o porra para aporrear; ma‡o para majar; 
    porra para aporrear.  71m2-15
  cuauhololli =huei [scribal error: ??spelling - joined with 
    following??: 55m].  ma‡o grande.  55m-12
  cuauhololtontli.  mazo o porra peque¤a; ma‡o peque¤o.  71m2-15
  cuauhtelolohuia =nino=oninocuauhtelolohui.  jugar alos bolos.   71m2-15
  cueololo =mo.  arremangada muger.  55m-1
  cueololoa =nino.  arremangase la muger.  55m-1
  cueololoa =nino=oninocueololo.  arremangarse la muger, alzando las 
    faldillas, o las naguas.  71m2-5
  cuitlaolol.  having a round back.  FC
  cuitlaololpil.  having a small round abdomen.  FC
  cuitlaololpol.  round-backed.  FC
  cuitlaololtic.  having a rounded back; having a ball-like back; having 
    a round back; round-backed.  FC
  cuitlaololton.  .  FC
  ixololiztli =tla.  arreba¤adura de algo.  71m2-21
  ixololoa =nitla.  arreba¤ar algo; desnatar.  55m-1
  ixololoa =nitla=onitlaixololo.  desnatar, o reba¤ar algo, o raer con 
    rasero.  71m2-8
  ixololoani =tla.  desnatador.  71m1-8
  ixololohua , qu-.  he skims it off the surface.  FC
  ixolololiztli =tla.  arreba¤adura assi.  55m-1
  ixolololli =tla.  cosa desnatada; desnatado; desnatada cosa.  71m2-21
  ixolololoni =tla.  rastro para allegar paja, o cosa semejante.  71m2-21
  ixtzotzoliuhcaolololli =tla.  desnatado.  55m-5
  iztatlalololohua , n[i]-.  I heap up alkaline soil.  FC
  maololli.  pu¤o dela mano cerrada.  55m-16
  maololo , nic-.  I turn her over with my hand.  FC
  maololoa , tla-.  they bundle something up.  FC
  maololoa =nitla.  arreba¤ar algo.  55m-1
  maolololiztli =tla.  arreba¤adura assi; el acto de ayuntar o de 
    arreba¤ar algo conla mano.  55m-1
  maololoque , ontla-.  they heaped something together.  FC
  nenepilololtic.  having a round tongue.   FC
  ohololoa , m[o]-.  they gather around.   FC
  oholololo , ne-.  there is assembling of people.  FC
  ollolalia , c-.  they place it in a heap.  FC
  ololahui.  it becomes round.  FC
  ololalique , tech-.  they herded us.  FC
  ololauhqui.  roundish; round.  FC
  ololhuia , c-.  it swarms on it; they form a mass on it.  FC
  ololhuiaya , m[o]-.  it was piled up.  FC
  ololhuiaya , quimon-.  they massed against them.  FC
  ololhuique , tech-.  they surrounded us.  FC
  ololhuitihui , c-. they go encircling him; they go surrounding her; 
    they swarm on it.  FC
  ololhuitihui , quim-.  they go surrounding them; they go rounding them 
    up.  FC
  ololhuitihuitze , c-.  they come encircling her.  FC
  ololhuitimoteca , c-.  they seat themselves around.  FC
  ololhuitinemi , c-.  ; he goes along enveloping it.  FC
  ololhuitinenca , oc-.  .  FC
  ololihui.  it becomes round.  FC
  ololihuic. round.  FC
  ololiuhcayotl.  redondez assi; redondez de bola; o de otra cosa 
    spherica.  55m-17
  ololiuhqui.  round, circular; rounded.  FC
  ololiuhtihui.  they go in a group; they go surrounded; they go 
    enveloped; they go en masse.   FC
  ololiuhtihuitze.  .  FC
  ololiuhtimani.  .  FC
  ololiuhtimani.  corrillo de gente; corrillo de gente ayuntada.   55m-4
  ololiuhtinemi.  ; they travel in a swarm.  FC
  olollalia , m[o]-.  they mass into a ball.  FC
  olollalilli , tla-.  rolled up into a ball.   FC
  olollalitinemi , m[o]-.  it goes forming itself into a ball.  FC
  ololo =m.  arregazado, o arregazada.   71m2-10
  ololo =mo.  arrega‡ado; arropado assi; arropado o vestido.  55m-1
  ololoa , c-.  it makes it into a ball; it moves it; they ball it 
    together; they pile it up.  FC
  ololoa , conm[o]-.  he puts it on himself.  FC
  ololoa , mo-.  it is rolled into a ball.   FC
  ololoa , m[o]-.  they are heaped together.   FC
  ololoa , omm[o]-.  they gather, they assemble.  FC
  ololoa , quim-.  he rolls them up; they round them up.  FC
  ololoa , quim[o]-.  he covers himself with it; he wraps himself in it.  FC
  ololoa , te-.  he envelopes people.  FC
  ololoa , tic-.  you pile it up.  FC
  ololoa , tla-.  he hills something up; she rolls something into a 
    ball; she winds something into a ball.   FC
  ololoa =nic.  emboluer ni¤o.  55m-7
  ololoa =nin.  arrega‡arse; arroparse.  55m-1
  ololoa =nite.  abrigar arropar a otro; acaudillar; arropar a otro. 
  ololoa =nitla.  amontonar; arreba¤ar algo; ayuntar generalmente; coger 
    cosas esparzidas; deuanar hazer ouillo; reba¤ar.  55m-00
  ololoa nitzatzi =nitla=onitlaololoanitzatzic [scribal error: +mis-
    analysis: 71m2].  llorar mucho el ni¤o.  71m2-22
  ololoani , te-.  one who brings people together; one who envelopes 
    people.  FC
  ololoani =te.  acaudilladador.  55m-00
  olololiztli =ne.  abrigo a si; arropamiento; o abrigo del que se 
    abriga con ropa.  55m-00
  olololiztli =tla.  arreba¤adura assi; ayuntamiento tal; el acto de 
    arreba¤ar; ayuntar; o amontonar algo.  55m-1
  olololli , tla-.  pile.  FC
  olololli =tla.  abrigada cosa assi; ayuntada cosa assi; cosa 
    arreba¤ada assi; o el que es vestido y abrigado de otro con ropa; 
    embuelto assi.  55m-00
  olololo , ne-.  ; people wrap up; there is wrapping up.  FC
  olololoni =tla.  rueca para hilar.  55m-17
  olololti =tla.  acaudillada gente.  55m-00
  olololtia , quitla-.  they pile it up.  FC
  olololtin =tla.  gente acaudillada y ayuntada.  71m2-22
  ololotinemi , c-.  ; he goes rolling it up; he goes wrapping it; he 
    goes rolling it into a ball.  FC
  ololotinemi =teuhtli tlazolli nic.  biuir en pecados.  55m-2
  ololotiuh , xiquimon-.  go gathering them.  FC
  ololpatic.  very round.  FC
  ololpil.  ; round and small.  FC
  ololpipil.  small and round.  FC
  ololpol.  ; round.  FC
  ololtic.  esperica cosa redonda como bola; pella cosa redonda; redondo 
    spherico como bola o botija.  55m-9
  ololtic nabox.  nabo redondo.  55m-14
  ololtic.  round.  FC
  ololtique.  .  FC
  ololtontli.  round and small; small and round.  FC
  ololtotonti.  ; round and small; small globules; small and round; 
    small round welts.  FC
  oololhuia , c-.  they envelop her; they form a ring around her.  FC
  oololhuiaya , oc-.  .  FC
  oolollalili , tla-.  rolled up into various balls.  FC
  oololoa , c-.  they make it into balls.  FC
  oololoaya , c-.  they heaped it up.  
  olololo , ne-.  there is grouping together; there is gathering 
    together on the part of each one.  FC
  quezololiuhca , to-.  rounded part of our femur.  FC
  quimololohuaya.  .  FC
  tecuitlaololo.  escarauajo negro.  71m2-16
  teocuitlacuauhololli.  ma‡a de portero.  55m-12
  teocuitlacuauhololnapalo.  macero el que la lleva.  55m-12
  teololalia , qui-.  it forms it into a ball.  FC
  teololihui.  it becomes like a round stone.  FC
  teololla.  place of round stones.  FC
  teololli.  ; round rock.  FC
  teololoani.  acaudillador, o hazedor de monipodio, o conjurador.  71m2-17
  teololtic.  ; circular; like a round stone; round; round like a stone.  
  teopixcaneolololli.  mongil vestidura de monge; mongil; vestidura de 
    religioso; o cosa semejante.  55m-14
  tepeololli.    cerro redondo.  71m2-17
  tepetl icuaololiuhca.  cabe‡o de sierra.  55m-2
  tepoztlaololoni.  rodillo para hazer mezcla o argamassa.  71m2-18
  tequixquiololoani.  one who heaps up salt peter.  FC
  teteololla.  place of many round stones.   FC
  teuhtli tlazolli nicololotinemi ==teuhtli tlazolli onicololotinen.  
    biuir viciosamente.  71m2-19
  tilma ololo =mo.  arregazado, o arregazada.  71m2-10
  tilmaololo =mo.  arrega‡ado.   55m-1
  tilmaololoa =nino.  arrega‡arse.  55m-1
  tilmaololoa =nino=oninotilmaololo.  arregazarse.  71m2-19
  tlalololoa =ni=onitlalololo.  71m2-21
  tlalololotinemi =ni=onitlalololotinen.   71m2-21
  tlancuaololiuhca =to=.  la chueca dela rodilla.  71m2-22
  tlancuaololiuhcayotl.  la chueca dela rodilla.  71m2-22
  tlazololololoni.  rastro para rastrar paja.  71m2-20
  tlazololololonito.  rastro peque¤o assi.  71m2-20
  tlazolololoni.  rastro para rastrar paja.  55m-17
  tlazolololonito.  rastrillo peque¤o rastro.  55m-17
  yacaololpol.  having a round nose.  FC
  yacaololtic.  nariz roma; nariz rromo.  55m-14

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