Nahuatl Word 3

r. joe campbell campbel at INDIANA.EDU
Fri Jan 30 22:10:11 UTC 2004

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Frances Karttunen wrote:

> o:-te:ch-hua:l-ihua-h


   Tilisterohqueh just benefitted from a very clear statement of "cua:"
(and "ihua:") type verbs.  I particularly appreciated the list of other
verbs in the class -- I'll see if I can find more of them, but in the last
few years, my ears have gotten untrustworthy on hearing vowel length. >8-)
  [note the boast on their prior performance]

   A remark on the relative opacity of verbs like "o:te:cha:lihuah":

If one's mental inventory of stems doesn't approach exhaustiveness, then
recognizing less frequent ones is a problem.

The second factor was the deleted "hu" [w] after "o:te:ch-".  It's not
frequent, so we're not always alert for it.  Further, it is not an
obligatory deletion; "o:te:chhua:lihuah" may show up in the next document.



p.s.  Some examples of [w] deletion after /ch/ and /tz/:
  Material enclosed in [ ] is not present in the source;
  I have included it (somewhat irregularly) for the sake of transparency.
  Apologies for the p31=ne:ch, p33=c/qui, p6=xi, etc. notation.

  notza , nechal-.  it calls me. <p31-hua:l-no:tza>. FC
  tlalilia , amechalmo-.  he [H.] assembles you [pl.]; he [H.] seats you
    [pl.]. <p42-hua:l-p54-tla:lia:-ben H1>. FC
  chieli , xinech[hu]almo-.  . <p6-p31-hua:l-p54-chiya-ben-- H?>. FC
  cuazquia , onech[hu]al-.  it would eat me. <o:-p31-hua:l-cua:-z-->.
  ihua , otech[hu]al-.  he sent us. <o:-p41-hua:l-ihua:>. FC
  [i]lnamiquilili , xitech[hu]almo-.  remember [H.] us. <p6-p41-hua:l-
    p54-illi-na:miqui-ben-- H?>. FC
  machiti , xitech[hu]almo-.  . <p6-p41-hua:l-p54-mati-caus03-->. FC
  panahuiliz , tinech[hu]almo-.  you will pass me over. <p12-p31-hua:l-
    p54-pano-caus10-ben-z H?>. FC
  tlalilia , amech[hu]almo-.  he [H.] seats you [pl.]; he [H.] assembles
    you [pl.]. <p42-hua:l-p54-tla:lia:-ben H1>. FC

  amictoc , mitzal-.  he remains thirsting for you. <p32-hua:l-a:tl1-
    miqui-prt1-ti1-o-prt2 aux13>. FC
  aniliani , mitzalm[o]-.  . <p32-hua:l-p54-a:na1-ben-ni1 H?>. FC
  celilican , mitzalmo-.  (may) they receive you [H.]. <p32-hua:l-p54-
    celia:-ben-plur12 H?>. FC
  cemaci , hualmo-.  . <hua:l-p54-cem-ahci>. FC
  [i]tquilili , onimitzalno-.  I brought it to you [H.]. <o:-p11-p32-
    hua:l-p54-itqui-ben-ben-prt1 H?>. FC
  manili , mitzal-.  . <p32-hua:l-p54-a:na1-ben H1>. FC
  manilican , mitzal-.  . <p32-hua:l-p54-a:na1-ben-plur12 H1>. FC
  maquilia , mitzalmo-.  he [H.] gives it to you. <p32-hua:l-p54-maca-
    ben H?>. FC
  nochiliz , mitzalmo-.  he [H.] will summon you. <p32-hua:l-p54-no:tza-
    ben-z H?>. FC
  tlalia , mitzalmo-.  . <p32-hua:l-p54-tla:lia:>. FC
  tlalilia , mitzalmo-.  he sets you [H.]; he [H.] places you. <p32-
    hua:l-p54-tla:lia:-ben H1>. FC
  [t]lalilia , quihual-.  they place it for him; they come to place it
    for him; they lay it down for him. <p33-hua:l-tla:lia:-ben>. FC
  tzatzililiz , mitzalmo-.  he [H.] will call out to you. <p32-hua:l-p54-
    tzahtzi-ben-ben-z H?>. FC
  anili , omitz[hu]alm[o]-.  he [H.] took you. <o:-p32-hua:l-p54-a:na1-
    ben-prt1 H?>. FC
  [i]cpalti , omitz[hu]almo-.  he provided you [H.] a seat. <o:-p32-
    hua:l-p54-icpalli-v04-caus08=0-prt1>. FC
  ihuali , mitz[hu]alm[o]-.  he [H.] sent you. <p32-hua:l-p54-ihua:-ben-
    prt1 H?>. FC
  ihuali , omitz[hu]alm[o]-.  he [H.] sent you; he sent you [H.]; she
    sent you [H.]. <o:-p32-hua:l-p54-ihua:-ben-prt1 H?>. FC
  ihualli , omitz[hu]alm[o]-.  he [H.] sent you. <o:-p32-hua:l-p54-ihua:-
    ben-prt1 H? +double.l>. FC
  ihuati , mitz[hu]alm[o]-.  he [H.] sent you. <p32-hua:l-p54-ihua:--
    H?>. FC
  mati , mitz[hu]al-.  they acknowledge you. <p32-hua:l-mati>. FC
  teociuhtoc , mitz[hu]al-.  . <p32-hua:l-teo:tl--ti1-o-prt2 aux13>. FC
  tetzonti , omitz[hu]almo-.  he provided you [H.] a foundation. <o:-p32-
    hua:l-p54-tetl1-tzontli-v04-caus08=0-prt1>. FC
  tzatzililiz , mitz[hu]almo-.  he [H.] will call out to you. <p32-hua:l-
    p54-tzahtzi-ben-ben-z H?>. FC

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