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> Concerning "inehu(a)":

Woah. There are famous people on this list. :D  Greetings from South Florida!

> But in this case the "in" is part of the verb stem.  Have a look at Molina's
> entry.  He devices the first-person present tense into "ineua.niqu," and he
> gives the first-person preterite as "oniquineuh."
> That is: o:- (antecessive prefix) ni- (first-person singular subject prefix)
> qu- (third-person singular object prefix) ineuh (preterite stem.

My mistake.  I don't have a copy of this book, yet, as has
nothing of Alonso de Molina -- all are marked out of print.

> It's not in An Analytical Dictionary of Nahuatl because it's not attested in
> sources that indicate long vowels and glottal stops. There's no way to tell
> if it's ihnehu(a) or i:nehu(a) or ine:hu(a), etc.

That's another interesting point I hadn't realized.  I had assumed, incorrectly,
that all common sources were covered in the Dictionary because of the frequent
dissertations on one attestation versus another (and it probably has to do with
my having skipped through the introduction, too).


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