Susana Moraleda-Dragotto susana at DRAGOTTO.COM
Tue Jul 6 21:53:28 UTC 2004

  In analyzing postpositions, and after having consulted various sources, I
find myself confused (again!), about the difference between the following:

    1.. PA and HUIC (towards)
    2.. ICAMPA and TEPOTZCO (behind)
    3.. ICPAC and PAN (on)
    4.. IXPAN and IXCO (in front of  [in the face of])
    5.. NAHUAC, TITLAN, HUAC and TECH (near)
    6.. NEPANTLA and TZALAN (between)

  And, further, what happens when you add a possessive prefix ending in "O"
(or "I") to a postposition starting with "I"? MOICAMPA, TOIXPAN, NOIXCO....
and IICPAC...

  This looks a bit odd to me.

  Occepa, tlazohcamati huel  huel miac!!!!


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