Colección Gómez de Orozco

Stafford Poole Spoole541 at AOL.COM
Sat Jul 17 16:59:45 UTC 2004

Dear Neteros:

I am looking for information on the Colección Gómez de Orozco.  According to 
Virginia Guzmán Monroy in the introduction to her catalogue of that part of 
the collection that is now in the Biblioteca del Instituto Nacional de 
Antropología e Historia, the collection was divided and sold in 1944, with the major 
portion going to the Biblioteca.  She does not give much information about what 
happened to the rest it.  I am looking for a manuscript for a Nahuatl play, 
Coloquios de la Virgen Maria de Guadalupe, which was in the Colección but is not 
now in the Biblioteca.  I would appreciate any clues that you can give me.

Stafford Poole
Independent scholar

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