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davius sanctex davius_sanctex at TERRA.ES
Wed Jul 21 23:16:53 UTC 2004

But in Managua Lake there is a small island named /ometepe/ clearly one form
of nahuatl /ome-tepe-k/ (in fact the litte island is formed by two little
hills). I think that this was the territory of the "nicaraos", a people whom
Spaniards saw first time books in the New World. I think it is difficult
that a placename was given by the ruling class, perhaps the existence of a
placename like /ometepe/ 'two-hill-' suggest that there was some nahua
migrations to that latitude. [in fact the lacking /-k/ suggest that the
placename /ometepe/ was from a divergent form of nahuatl].

Am I dreaming about all this? :-)
Davius S.

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